Price: € 27,50

Subject: Original lithographed print, captioned: "Tafel 18: Auf dem Bahnhofe. Buchsenmacher / Offizier vom Kadetten-Corps / Kadett einer Voranstalt / Kadett der Hauptanstalt / Schuler des Militair-Knaben-Erziehungs-Instituts / Zogling einer Vorschule / Fusilier einer Unteroffizier-Schule / Zogling des Grossen Militair-Waisenhauses". Young military personnel (mostly in training uniforms) on the platform at the railway station.
Condition: Very good given age, some age-related toning. Please study scan carefully.
Medium: Colour lithograph / chromolithograph.
Size (in cm): The overall size is ca. 24.5 x 16 cm. The image size is ca. 19.5 x 13 cm.
Size (in inch): The overall size is ca. 9.6 x 6.3 inch. The image size is ca. 7.7 x 5.1 inch.
Part Number: 28291
Location: C182-14
Description: This original print originates from an unknown book, published by Paul Kittel (Berlin). The plate was printed by Meisenbach Riffarth & Co.

Artists and Engravers: After Richard Kn�tel (1857-1914). Kn�tel was born in Glogau in 1857. His father, August Kn�tel, was an art teacher and gave him lessons in drawing and painting from an early age. In this time, Kn�tel developed an interest in military fashion and history. After his studies, he began collecting books concerning European military history (it is believed that by his death he owned over 9000 titles), and began work on his most famous piece; Uniformenkunde, a huge collection of plates concerning the armies of Europe from the 17th century to 1914.