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Subject: Antique print, titled: 'Alexander Farneze.' - This print shows the decorative engraved portrait of Alexander Farneze (1545-1592), he was Duke of Parma, Piacenza and Castro from 1586 to 1592, and Governor of the Spanish Netherlands from 1578 to 1592. He is best known for his successful campaign 1578-1592 against the Dutch Revolt, in which he captured the main cities in the south (now Belgium) and returned them to the control of Catholic Spain.
Condition: Very good, given age. Some small stains in print. Margin soiled. Manuscript annotation in the margin below the image. General age-related toning and/or occasional minor defects from handling. Please study scan carefully.
Medium: Etching/engraving on hand laid paper.
Size (in cm): The overall size is ca. 14.1 x 22.6 cm. The image size is ca. 8.8 x 14.8 cm.
Size (in inch): The overall size is ca. 5.6 x 8.9 inch. The image size is ca. 3.5 x 5.8 inch.
Part Number: 56233
Location: C285-28
Description: Source unknown, to be determined.

Artists and Engravers: Made by 'Reinier Vinkeles' after 'J. Buys'. Reinier Vinkeles (Amsterdam; 1741-1816), was an 18th-century painter and engraver from the Northern Netherlands, who was the later teacher of several talented artists. He studied for some ten years with Jan Punt and joined the Amsterdam Stadstekenacademie (City Drawing School) in 1762. In 1770 he left for Paris, where he studied for a year with Jacques-Philippe Le Bas.