Reference Book-Ortelius Atlas Maps-CARTOGRAPHY- BIBLIOGRAPHY-Broecke-2011

Author: Broecke, Marcel van den.
Title: Ortelius Atlas Maps, An Illustrated Guide.

Impressum: Houten: Hes & De Graaf, 2011. 2nd edition.
Subject(s): Cartography, Bibliography.
Dimensions ca. 14 x 25.5 cm. (ca. 5.5 x 10 inch). 8vo.
Collation: 708 pp.
With 234 b/w reproductions After: Ortelius, Abraham.
Isbn 9789061943808, second revised edition. Contains reproductions of all the maps from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1570).

Original decorative boards.
Cover condition: As new
Inside condition: As new.